Friday, April 6, 2012

Are you Covered?

Here is an excerpt from our monthly newsletter from Robin G Smith Consulting. Insurance Advice and Advocacy for Seniors.

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Many people will continue to work well past 65, or will have an illness where day to day expenses will not be cov­ered. Critical illness insurance pays a lump sum when you get sick with one of the covered illnesses, and can be pur­chased to age 69 (and kept as long as you pay the pre­mium). This insurance has become very popular as boom­ers know people who have strokes, heart attacks, or who are diagnosed with cancer, and the expenses that ensue.

One of the frustrations of clients trying to get long term care coverage, (i.e., chronic care not covered by Medicare) is that they are deemed too old and/or too sick to qualify. I now offer a Home Care Plan that pays for home care ser­vices and can be purchased at any age. It’s a membership plan, rather than insurance, and a good deal for clients who believe they or a loved one will need home care services in the near future.

The Law Offices of Jeremy W. Howe, LTD. are ElderLaw attorneys in Rhode Island who specialize in wills and trusts, estate planning, guardianship, probate, and Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits.

They also are Newport Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers, Attorneys, Mediators, and Arbitrators providing services for family law issues such as divorce, child custody and visitation, support, and military family law. 

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